Tracking & Monitoring Taskforce

The ACT-Accelerator Tracking & Monitoring Task Force will continue key elements of the work of the Facilitation Council, and its Tracking and Accelerating Progress Working Group (TAP WG) and Financial and Resource Mobilization Working Group (FinRM WG).

The Task Force will operate during the period October 2022 to end March 2023, in line with the time frame of the ACT-Accelerator’s six-month plan.

The Task Force is co-chaired by India and the United States. 

Key Council functions maintained by the Taskforce:

  • Monitor progress in the rollout of and equitable access to tools

  • Maintain coordination and facilitate political engagement

  • Track resource use and needs

  • Maintain Facilitation Council and ACT-Accelerator stakeholder readiness to reactivate in response to major surges of COVID-19


The taskforce will produce periodic reports, which will be published here.