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COVID-19 vaccination in Haiti


Status, as of 1 June 2023


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From April 2020, in the beginning of the pandemic, to the end of the ACT-A transition period, unprecedented support of
US$ 24.2bn was committed to the ACT-A agencies by generous donors. The Transition Plan called for US$ 386m in funding for the Therapeutics and Diagnostics Pillars and the Health Systems and Response Connector.

By 1 June 2023, US$ 118.9m had been generously committed by donors, leaving a funding gap of US$ 267.1m.

This unmet need will be carried forward with funds still required by the partner agencies to support the integration of COVID-19 work into core and routine health programmes. This will need to be complemented by additional funding to support the recovery from COVID-19 related setbacks to other critical health services.

For more detailed information:

act-accelerator-strategic-plan cover.png

ACT-Accelerator Transition Plan (1 Oct 2022 to 31 Mar 2023)

Plan of how ACT-A will support countries as the world transitions to long-term COVID-19 control.  

act-accelerator-strategic-plan cover.png

Consolidated Financing Framework for ACT-A Agency & In-Country Needs

Financial needs broken down by agency, together with fair share contributions requested from higher income countries.

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