The ACT-Accelerator Faciliation Council has commissioned an independent, timely evaluation of ACT-A and its activities, identifying lessons learnt that will be of use in establishing a future global pandemic preparedness response to enhance global health security.


The Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A) Facilitation Council has commissioned a global team led by Open Consultants to conduct an external evaluation of ACT-A. The purpose of the ACT-A evaluation is to identify lessons learnt that will be of use in establishing a better global pandemic preparedness and response system. An Evaluation Reference Group was established to oversee the evaluation.

The Evaluation Reference Group invited WHO member states, civil society partners, and other stakeholders to provide inputs to the external evaluation through an open-ended questionnaire, which will complement other means of data collection


Partners were invited to prepare a written document with contact information and respond to the three questions below:  

  1. Contact information: Name, title, organization/agency, location, and email

  2. How well did ACT-A's structures and operating model support coordination, resource mobilization, and accountability? How could ACT-A’s governance be improved?

  3. Considering ACT-A's four pillars (Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Vaccines (COVAX), and the Health Systems and Response Connector), what were ACT-A's greatest achievements? What were its largest challenges? For future pandemic response, would you largely replicate the structure with these four pillars and a loosely affiliated partnership?

  4. What are the main lessons learnt from ACT-A to date?

Submissions are reviewed only by the evaluation team, and responses will not be associated with specific names or organizations/agencies. The feedback will be reviewed and analyzed along with other data for the evaluation report. 

Submissions are now closed. 


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ACT-A Evaluation